Our First Blog Post

Welcome to Lily Pad Nostalgia – Diary of a Frogger.  This site is a dedicated personal blog to documenting interesting events, trends, and products that I feel passionate about.  From absolute hookup tips and tricks to alternative and sustainable hemp clothing, Lily Pad Nostalgia offers a candid look into the mind of a true frogger.

You may be asking yourself at this point, what exact is a frogger.  But the answer is far more complex than just asking the question.  I guess you could say that a frogger is someone who jumps ( or rather, frogs) through life’s endless series of hoops, loopholes, and hurdles.  Ultimately, a frogger doesn’t look to cheat the system, but simply arrive from point A to point B as fast as possible.

Enter Lily Pad Nostalgia, while it might seem like your typical blog, many pages and posts within these server walls contain expert life hacks and golden nuggets that will in term allow you too to frog through life’s hoops and hurdles – and ultimately reach a better reality.  Enjoy :-)

Happy Frogging.