About Me


Lilian Gibson

Hi, world! My name is Lilian Gibson, but everyone calls me Lily. I love hanging out with my friends and being outdoors. I will try a new hike every week (on good weeks), and I love to travel. I’ve been to Europe, Asia, and Central America. I still need to go to South America and Austrailia (and so much more), but it’s my life goal to at least go to every continent! I love to see new cultures. My favorite country I’ve been to would have to be Amsterdam or Malaysia. They’re so different, but both so amazing! I recommend saving your money to see the world because it is definitely a life-changing experience. Also, I am an entrepreneur¬†and decided to start my own Yoga/Pilates studio. I absolutely love doing Yoga and Pilates and think everyone should try it because it definitely makes your body feel great! It relieves so much stress in your life and just makes your overall anxiety levels lower. If you haven’t tried it yet, just search a video on YouTube and try it in your room! It’s great, and I promise you’ll get hooked as soon as you try it! Thank you for checking out my blog. Feel free to reach out with any comments!