College Hookups

So – you’ve just arrived at University, otherwise known as College.  Yes, you’ve finally arrived at the promised land of beer, girls, and bro’s – and it’s your god given right to bro-out as hard as you want, party harder, and hook up with as many hot chicks as possible.  But not so fast, while you might want to dive in balls deep into debauchery, drunkenness, and college hookups, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind before you go buck-wild.


1 – Please, do, use protection.  While high school wasn’t by any means tame, college truly is the real world, and that means real STDs.  There’s nothing more terrifying than find a strange bump on your junk, and considering that’s not even the one to be worried about, protection should not be taken lightly.  Always wrap up fellas, or risk getting benched for the rest of the season with something nasty.


2 – Don’t be a clinger.  College is a time for experimentation, fun, and casual hookups.  While it’s perfectly okay to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, don’t expect everyone you hookup with to have the same view as yours with respect to dating, friendship, and romance.  For instance, when you think things are getting serious, shawty may think that you’re just friends with benefits.  Truth-be-told, the easiest way to avoid confusion, embarrassment, or heartbrokenness is to simply communicate effectively with your partner about the state of your relationship.


If you follow these two important tips for hooking up in college you should be covered (literally and figuratively) – so go out there and have some fun.



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