The Truth About Hemp Clothing

No, hemp is not actually marijuana, and it’s not even smokable. So before you jump to any conclusions, I want to be clear – hemp clothing is not marijuana. In fact hemp is in many ways a superior fabric than cotton to make effective clothing for work and play. Here are a few fun facts about hemp clothing that make it the fabric of choice for green-minded professionals.

1. Hemp is anti microbial – No one likes clothes that stink. Hemp clothes stay fresher, longer, by effectively killing any bacteria, microbes or other funk that might be causing your clothes to stink. It’s no secret that after a long day, hot or humid weather, or just having a messy lunch, you’re clothes can become a breeding ground for stinky bacteria. Stay smart, and wear hemp clothing to avoid odors that get you off your game.

2. Hemp lasts longer – If you work in the field, you know that clothes can wear out fast. That’s where hemp comes in handy. Because hemp fibers are naturally stronger than cotton (what most work clothing is made of) hemp clothes will always outlast and outwear conventional cotton clothing.

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts about hemp!  Remember to consider hemp shirts and jackets the next time you go clothes shopping!  Cheers



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